Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Clothes, Day #1

Realized today that I needed to get some more clothes for the summer; haven't picked up anything new since January. I did a little browsing online today because the weather outside is awful, and right now I don't have a car. It's actually been raining or overcast for 10 days straight here in Michigan. Hopefully it goes over quick. It'd be nice to enjoy summer.

Anyway, I made a list of what I needed to get before I started looking. I definitely recommend doing this, because at least for me, once I start to look I just keep going and going and sometimes end up with a bunch of things that don't look good with each other, or that I just don't really like. Here are some of the things I saw online that looked good to me (and at a semi-reasonable price, I need to save up for school):

T-Shirts (Needed 2):
Sorry for the "loading zoom thing". 

Shorts (2):
I know a few people who think Hollister/AE/A&F are stores totally for "skaterz/fake surfers/wannabe's", but honestly they do have some good products. I really love the look of American Eagle's shorts particularly. They don't have gaudy logos all over them, have pretty good fits, and the quality is what I expect for the price for sure.
White shorts are pretty much a necessity for summer, and AE did a fantastic job with their slightly-worn preppy look on the first pair. While I know that cargo shorts have kind of faded out of men's fashion [at least with the "in-crowd" (?)] this pair by American Eagle feels different. Although you can't see it in the picture on the site, there's actually a slightly raised grid pattern on these. That, combined with slim pockets and a heavily worn look can counterbalance a somewhat plain shirt.

That's it for this post. If it clears up tomorrow I'll try to get over to the mall & the Salvation Army.


  1. I've been meaning to buy shorts that aren't buying basketball shorts. keep it up

  2. i need a pair of shorts all i have is a pair of beach shorts that ripped after 1 day at the beach...

  3. I do all of my summer shopping earlier on the year when there are sales for Tshirts and shorts. My brother GF works at Macy's at the mall so I just hear when sales are going on around the mall and go get cheap clothes lol.